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Typical set piece tunes.
Well know romantic chart hits such asLady in Red, Bridge over Troubled Water, Endless Love, The Power of Love,
Have I told you lately that I love you, Everything I do - I do it for you, The air that I breath, Sometimes when we touch, I just called to say I love you, Angels, Flying without Wings, The Wind beneath my Wings, The Wedding, Tonight I Celebrate my Love
- and many more…

I am happy to play requests. If you want a ‘special’ tune played let me know in advance and I will do my very best to oblige (never failed yet) !

What do I supply?
I supply everything including the P.A (sound system) suitable for medium size venues. All I require is a free and convenient parking space and mains electricity - that’s it, leave the rest to me.

If you are interested in me playing at your Wedding or any social event please email giving the date, location and any questions you have. You will receive a personal reply within 24hrs.

What area do I cover ?
Essex, Surrey, South London, and all of the Kent area.

How much ?
Book Direct - avoid agency fees. Just email or phone for a very competitive quotation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised !

Your musician has let you down ?
DON’T PANIC !  I’m sometimes available at short notice.

Specialist Wedding Musician

‘LIVE’ music to make your Special Day ‘VERY SPECIAL’

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Also available for

Anniversary, Valentines and all Romantic Celebrations

(Private, Hospitality and Corporate)

Anniversaries, Valentines and corporate dinners

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Booking Enquiries
020 8304 3500
07919 356980

How do I help make your special day - special ?
I perform well known popular instrumental love Ballads (all well known chart hits) while your guests are arriving or waiting to
be called to dinner or reception.

Many of your guests may be meeting for the first time, so watching and listening to my live music is a great ‘ice breaker’, and helps put everyone at ease.

What is different about my performance?
It is important the music is non intrusive, allowing your guests to have a conversation and enjoy each others company. I
provide the added benefit of being a focal point for guests to watch and listen to.

With over 50 years experience, I am highly professional and my purpose is to help make your special day ‘Very Special’.

I play a professional Keyboard, your guests will enjoy the full Band sounds thereby adding more interest and enjoyment.
I have often been likened to a great ‘One Man Band’ of which I am delighted ! In fact, it’s not unusual for me to be asked to ‘up the volume’ by a host to better hear the music !

Short samples

John Edwards Keyboard Musician for Weddings, Anniversary and Valentines John Edwards Keyboard Musician for Weddings and romantic venues


Thank you for visiting. I hope to hear from you soon.    JE

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